ICLEI EcoLogistics

The ICLEI EcoLogistics Community is the first city network globally committed to a sustainable urban freight future. The Community leads sustainable urban freight development in participating cities and drive global actions in the international stage through collaborative exchange and action plans and stakeholder engagements.

Support local governments to enhance innovative capacity and real actions in sustainable urban logistics. Advocating through collaborative exchanges, innovative pilots and tools, capacity building, and multi-stakeholder dialogues

EcoLogistics Community Chair Office

Taoyuan City is the Chair and Host of the Community from 2020 to 2022. It aims to use the integration of technology, policies and planning as a vehicle for environmental, social, and economic sustainability in the urban freight sector. Taoyuan City is the national leading logistics hub, and its comprehensive logistics industry brings enormous prosperity to the city’s industrial and economic growth. However, this prosperity also comes with various environmental downsides, such as air pollution, noise pollution, congestion, waste pollution, road degradation, and GHG emissions. Therefore, the city sees sustainable urban freight as an essential opportunity and leverages it to be a first-mover on the island of Taiwan.

Demostration Projects

What we do


Peer to peer exchange

- Establish a working group with interested peer cities and partners to facilitate exchange and contribute to plans and activities within the Community

- Form and engage multi-stakeholder groups to develop and implement goals and meaningful forms of action for implementation


Join the EcoLogistic Community

- Gain an understanding of urban freight by developing an EcoLogistics Index (ELI) performance measurement system for EcoLogistics in cities

- Establish Community cities as pioneers to inspire and act as a benchmark in international convening


EcoLogistic Challenge

- Implement demonstration project(s) on sustainable urban logistics

- Accelerate learning among cities through a collaborative working and learning environment

- On-demand technical assistance to cities from ICLEI or other professionals