Methodologies and tools

EcoMobility SHIFT

EcoMobility SHIFT is a total quality management scheme that allows cities to access their mobility performance, establish a path of continuous improvement; analyze performance; and act to improve. This is the original scheme which was developed in 2013 for European cities.

EcoMobility SHIFT+

The EcoMobility SHIFT+ scheme is a methodology to (self)-assess cities’ mobility performance, analyze performance, act to improve and establish a path of continuous improvement. The original EcoMobility SHIFT was developed in 2013 specifically for European cities. This EcoMobility SHIFT+ is an updated scheme catering for developed and developing cities.

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EcoLogistics Self-monitoring tool

The EcoLogistics self-monitoring tool is developed through the “EcoLogistics: Low carbon freight for sustainable cities” project and can be used by cities to estimate the greenhouse gas emissions from urban freight transport. The tool also acts as a monitoring tool for cities to compare and analyze indicator data.

It is an open, Excel-based tool. Click here to download the tool and start your calculation now! Details of calculating methodologies applied are described in the user guide: Short version | Detailed version