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To advance sustainable urban mobility, the EcoMobility and EcoLogistics Programs at ICLEI work at the intersection of policy, knowledge exchange, and technical assistance across multiple levels, from local to global. Be part of the EcoMobility and EcoLogistics journey!

EcoMobility Alliance

The EcoMobility Alliance is a network of ambitious cities, led by innovators and visionaries, supported by experts and businesses, committed to building a sustainable mobility future that is efficient, people-centered, low emission and environmentally-friendly.

EcoMobility World Festival
and Congress

The EcoMobility World Festival series by ICLEI is a month-long presentation of an innovative and forward thinking urban transportation culture. It is organized as a community-based mise-en-scène, during which one neighbourhood is temporarily converted into a vibrant ecomobile neighbourhood, which prioritises active mobility and public transit, to showcase a real-life vision of people centredurban living for the future.

The EcoMobility World Congress series complements the EcoMobility World Festival to attract international experts to the Festival for them to witness the unique experiment and to discuss and share their experiences and opinions on car-free development.

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TUMI Network

The Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative (TUMI) enables leaders in developing countries and emerging economies to create sustainable urban mobility. Within the framework of TUMI, ICLEI is responsible for the TUMI Network of High Ambition Leaders (TUMI Network) that facilitate exchange among experts and practitioners with the ambition to transform mobility in their city, while offering a platform for common local actions and peer-to-peer exchanges.

EcoMobility SHIFT+

The EcoMobility SHIFT+ scheme is a methodology to (self)-assess cities’ mobility performance, analyze performance, act to improve and establish a path of continuous improvement. The original EcoMobility SHIFT was developed in 2013 specifically for European cities. This EcoMobility SHIFT+ is an updated scheme catering for developed and developing cities.

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EcoLogistics Community

The ICLEI EcoLogistics Community is the first city network globally committed to a sustainable urban freight future. The Community leads sustainable urban freight development in participating cities and drive global actions in the international stage through collaborative exchange and action plans and stakeholder engagements. Cities benefit from being part of the Community through the shared knowledge and resources made available to the network, as well as opportunities to disseminate their successes.