SOLUTIONSplus brings together cities, industry, research, implementing organizations and finance partners to establish a global platform for shared, public and commercial e-mobility solutions to kick start the transition towards low-carbon urban mobility. (H2020-EU.3.4. 2020-2023) More information:

SOLUTIONSplus is coordinated by the Urban Electric Mobility Initiative (UEMI) and joined by 45 worldwide partners. The project aims to enable transformational change towards sustainable urban mobility through innovative and integrated electric mobility solutions.

Project cities will be able to demonstrate different types of innovative and integrated e-mobility solutions, complemented by a comprehensive toolbox, capacity development and replication activities. SOLUTIONSplus works closely with the UN Environment and the International Energy Agency (IEA) on a joint global urban e-mobility program that will significantly boost replication and impact of this innovation action.

Project approach


Boost capabilities of local and national authorities, public transport operators and entrepreneurs about innovative urban e-mobility solutions across various transport modes by informing them about tools to plan, assess, implement and operate e-mobility solutions. Capabilities to develop policy, to implement business models and to operate e-mobility solutions are a vital step in the transition process towards sustainable mobility.


Foster the take-up of e-mobility innovations by businesses, start-ups, local and national governments and transport operators by inspiring officials, operators, industry and businesses through peer-to-peer exchange on innovative e-mobility products and services. Implementing new policies, adopting new technologies or testing new business models can be inspired by peer-to-peer exchange.


Strengthen policy and business collaboration by initiating partnerships between local and national governments and local and European entrepreneurs and supporting the development of new e-mobility models business implementation plans. E-mobility solutions need a solid economic and operational concept to flourish.


Create reference models for e-mobility innovation by implementing demonstration actions to test innovative e-mobility technologies and services, foster their replication and ensure their long-term sustainability.


Contribute to global sustainability and climate goals by boosting the impact of this project through the integration of the innovative concepts into policy, funding, operation, research and business practice. Long-term impacts can only be achieved if e-mobility innovations are embedded in local and national policies, in business strategies and operations, funding and financing programmes.

Project cities

Role of ICLEI

ICLEI is involved in the facilitation of capacity building through a global program targeted at decision makers, practitioners and business, as well as regional training and exchange, linking the business model development and the demonstration actions. ICLEI also advises partner cities in providing policy advisory and stakeholder dialogues support. Finally, ICLEI supports the development of a coherent strategy to deliver outreach, exploitation, dissemination and communication activities of the project.