• Mapping Supply Chains Kochi
  • Mapping Supply Chains Panaji
  • Mapping Supply Chains Shimla
  • LCAP-UF_Taoyuan
  • LCAP-UF_Shimla
  • LCAP-UF_Rosario
  • LCAP-UF_Panaji
  • LCAP-UF_Kochi
  • LCAP-UF_Bogota
  • 15-minute city v/s 15 minute delivery
  • 15-minute delivery in the 15-minute city
  • Superilla Barcelona 15-minutes delivery in 15-minutes city
  • BUENOS AIRES: A human-scale city
  • EcoLogistics Indicators – A guide to measuring the performance of urban logistics in cities
  • ICLEI Case Study: Seoul on the green move: Leveraging electric mobility for a sustainable city
  • Playbook for Zero Emissions Mobility LAC
  • Manizales, Colombia: Regulation of loading and unloading operations in the city center and the Avenida Santander
  • The Metropolitan Area of the Aburrá Valley, Colombia: TRT (Truck Rapid Transit) pilot project
  • Santa Fe, Argentina: Urban distribution center for Ciudad 30
  • Bogotá D.C., Colombia: Implementation of consolidation centers in prioritized areas of Bogota using zero-emission vehicles for last-mile deliveries
  • Rosario, Argentina: Public cargo bike sharing for sustainable urban logistics
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