ICLEI Case Study: Seoul, Republic of Korea: An efficient bus rapid transit integrated with the subway system, 2012

ICLEI Case Study: City of Medellín, Colombia – Improving inclusivity through connectivity and mobility, 2017

ICLEI Case Study: Stockholm, Sweden: Congestion tax and public transit decrease traffic volume, 2012

ICLEI Case Study: City of Leipzig, Germany – Promoting livability through sustainable transportation, 2017

ICLEI Case Study: Vancouver, Canada – Increasing intermodal EcoMobile transport methods, 2011

ICLEI Case Study: City of Münster, Germany – Advancing sustainable development: the role of public transport, 2018

ICLEI Case Study: Perugia, Italy – Transit alternatives improving sustainable accessibility in a historic, hilly town, 2013

ICLEI Case Study: Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany – Creating a livable city through ecomobility, 2018

ICLEI Case Study: City of Belo Horizonte, Brazil – A safety-first strategy for sustainable mobility, 2017

ICLEI Case Study: Mexico City, Mexico – The role of public transport in tackling air pollution and accessibility, 2019

ICLEI Case Study: Kaohsiung City – Creating a world class culture of ecomobility, 2017

ICLEI Case Study: Municipality of Rosario, Argentina – Moving forward: a successful reform of public and non-motorized transportation, 2019