• ICLEI Case Study: Gävle, Sweden: Smart choices require easy access – the challenge of making mobility management a part of everyday life, 2011
  • ICLEI Case Study: Freiburg, Germany: Successfully reducing automobile traffic, 2012
  • ICLEI Case Study: Bremen, Germany: Rapidly growing intermodal transportation, 2011
  • ICLEI Case Study: Bremen, Germany: A role model for car-sharing is targeting 20,000 users by 2020, 2013
  • ICLEI Case Study: Curitiba, Brazil: A model of transit oriented planning, 2011
  • ICLEI Case Study: Bologna, Italy: Reducing car traffic to protect city heritage, 2011
  • ICLEI Case Study: Ahmedabad, India: India’s first full Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) System, 2011
  • Changwon, Republic of Korea: The Nearby Useful Bike, Interesting Joyful Attraction (NUBIJA) Project, 2012
  • Portland, Oregon, USA – A leader in sustainable development in the United States, 2013
  • Mexico City, Mexico: Mexico City’s Green Plan: EcoMobility in motion, 2013
  • Role of Dedicated Walkways and Cycleways
  • Bogota, Colombia: Building a plan to transform non-motorized transport in Bogotá, 2013
  • Boulder, Colorado, USA: An example of an integrated transportation system, 2013
  • Portland, Oregon, USA: Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Transit Project: Managing Growth Sustainably through Transit Alternatives, 2013
  • San Francisco, California, USA: Using Technology for Smarter Parking Management, 2013
  • Bonn, Germany: Enabling companies to address mobility management, 2013
  • West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA: On Track Towards EcoMobility in West Chester, 2013
  • Münster, Germany: Cycling and public transport: The way forward, 2013
  • Freiburg, Germany: Cycling 2020 – A concept for the future, 2013
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