Burgas, Bulgaria

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Integrated and intelligent transportation system

Burgas is the second largest city on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, located in the province of Burgas, Bulgaria. Key policies towards sustainable transport for the long term are presented in the Strategy for Sustainable Energy Development of the Municipality (2011–2020) and the Action Plan (2011– 2013). The Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) (2014-2020) identifies the main mobility goals Burgas hopes to achieve:

  • Improve energy efficiency in public transport and diversify transport modes
  • Reduce emissions from the transport system by increasing the use of biofuels and flexible high-speed public transport
  • Improve accessibility
  • Prioritize active mobility and public transport to reduce negative environmental impacts (e.g., air pollution)
  • Enhance road safety for non-motorists and traffic safety through traffic calming
    Prepare an efficient freight vehicle policy.

Burgas is investing in an integrated and intelligent transport system. In 2015, the city launched the 11 million Euro Intelligent Transport System project to make its public transportation system safer, efficient and convenient. The plan includes the introduction of integrated ticketing and video surveillance of Burgas’ public transportation system. Since November 2018, commuters have real-time access to the public transportation system information, including information on all buses and trolley buses, which are the primary transport mode of the city. It also upgraded the electronic boards at public transport stops to be more informative.

Other efforts have been undertaken since the SUMP was established. For example, the city improved walking access to public transport, with about 75 percent of the city areas located within 400m to a public transport stop. It is also the best biking city in Bulgaria, with good cycling infrastructure. Burgas shows the importance of translating the SUMP into reality.

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EcoMobility Alliance Report 2018

Published in December 2018

EcoMobility Alliance Report 2018

The EcoMobility Alliance seeks to encourage city-to-city knowledge exchange and drive local innovation, trusting that such activities will inspire local leaders to create an ecomobile transportation system that prioritizes walking, cycling, public transport, shared mobility and light electric vehicles.

This EcoMobility Alliance report 2018 showcases our progress so far and highlights the impressive achievements of the EcoMobility Alliance cities. All EcoMobility Alliance cities are interesting to study as they have all excelled in one way or another in creating a sustainable urban mobility system.